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The Business of the 21st Century Book

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The Business of the 21st Century Book

Robert Kiyosaki has built several multimillion dollar businesses. As such, he is a good person to objectively critique the business of network marketing. In this book, he lays down the reasons why network marketing is the best way for the average person today to build a significant asset that will permit them to live and retire in freedom.

The Business of the 21st Century Book

The Business of the 21st Century Book book is the BEST for our economic situation. I was involved in corporate America for over 35 years and was caught up in the, “40-40-40″ mind set. Work 40 hours per day, for 40 years and try to live on 40% of my salary.

It doesn’t work!

Robert Kiyosaki provides the best overview and up to date information I have ever read. I have now got involved in “Network Marketing.” Yes laugh if you want to but in the next 2-3 years I will match my net income to yours.

If you are a “BABY BOOMER” as I am and still breathing you have time to build income without going to work at Wal-Mart or McDonalds. Having a home based business is the way to go!

God Bless Free Enterprise and God Bless America!

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  1. The author of this post knows what they are talking about.

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